Turtles move into their first condo!

Considering I work full time and have 3 dogs and a small business I did not have time to change the turtle tank every 3 days!  The water was just too disgusting for me to live with so they had to get a bigger home.  I went out and got a 30 gallon tank. This also meant I needed a bigger filter!  For turtles you need a filter that is twice as big as the tank. Turtles are dirty little creatures! They also needed a heater! I realized that that water was too cold for them and that is why they would not eat. This time I went to ebay to get what I needed. I got a Fluval F4 filter and a Halgen Heater both used. Both work fine.  I also got some plants and a proper platform.  I set it all up and moved them in!

Current Home

Again they were in heaven. So much room to swim and play. I got them the floating log which they love to hide in.  I got them several kinds of food.  They are supposed to eat fruit and veggies along with the turtle food, but they really just like the food. At one point I had some sticks and I could get them to take them right from my hand.  Even the dogs like to watch them!


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