Gus is gone….

Well it is a sad day.  Sometime yesterday Gus got out again.  I have no idea how, but he seems to be gone. We have looked everywhere for him. I am not sure if he is in the house or if Princess helped with the escape by taking him outside.  Anything is possible. This is why people have turtle cams in their house!  So poor Pricilla is all alone. So what to do?  Do I wait to see if Gus shows up? Do I get Pricilla a new friend? She did not like Gus very much he was very pushy, but not sure she wants to live out all the days of her life alone…..what to do???


2 thoughts on “Gus is gone….

  1. I am really sorry to hear that! I don’t understand how he could leave such a wonderful home….he didn’t know how good he had it. But he is just a turtle and he smelled freedom.

  2. What a shock to wake up to! Than again, he has been trying to go… somewhere. I kind of like the idea of his being assisted outside, as long as he can live on his own. Can they down there in the weather/climate? I hope he is okay. Ciao Gus!
    Are they communal? That’s what I’d wonder.
    May Priscilla will be okay on her own. George has thrived!

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