Gus Escapes!

Well I was warned and it happened…This morning Gus launched himself from the side of the tank. I heard a big thud and he was out. We were both stunned so he didnot make a mad dash for the door. Also the dogs were stunned so we all just stood there.  I scooped him up and put him back in. So now how to secure them.  I think more acrylic would be best so I will order some today and see what I can do. In the mean time I have a screen over the top to prevent escape from part of it. Not sure how to secure the rest.

Also the feeding is not going well. The pump system is too strong so the floating food just goes right into the filter system. I need to get the turtles on the platform to feed them. So far they HATE the platform. They will not get up there.  I ordered some plants for them so it will not seem so open. i think there is too much light and space up there. They prefer to hide. The plants will be here later on this week.  Here is the current setup until we can provide a more secure turtle location!


Covered Top Covert Top


I have also added a LOT of food to the platform -maybe that will get them over there!

Food  Buffet