Tank is just about done….I hope!

Well with some additional work I think the tank is just about done. I got some more acrylic to make a better barrier so they could not get out. I also got some plants and other turtle furniture for my birthday.  I also used my home depot birthday gift(thanks Leah!) to get some other parts for the filter, so now I think we are in good shape. This will always be an on going project but I think we have it mostly set up.


Final Tank

The plants and drift wood look good and they seem to like all of the stuff to play with. They do move things all around!  Donny has figured out the platform and loves it. I am not sure about Pricilla, but she seems to be hanging in there too.  This is Donny basking!

Donny on Platform

There are always issues with the tank. Now I have a new problem with algae on the side with the light.  Some people get algae eaters!  But I think I am at my limit for caring for living things, so I am going with chemical treatment.  We will see. Also when I change the water the base gets all wet and the paint does not like it, but I am sure there are many adjustments we will make over time. For now I think we are in good shape!