Where it all started

About 6 months ago we were cleaning out an apartment after a tenant moved and on the kitchen counter were 2 very very small turtles in a very very small container.1st Home

Both turtles had been living in this tiny container with no water for days. They were hungry and dirty and really just plain sad!  So we adopted them!  I knew nothing about turtles so of course the first stop was Petsmart!  They gave me some food and told me I would need a much bigger container!  They also told me they were aquatic turtles. Red Eared Sliders.  So I headed home with the food and the name and set off to google what this was all about.

My first call was to my brother to see if he wanted them! He of course said no! He had just spent over $75 one a setup for hermit crabs for his daughter and she forgot to feed them and the died. He did offer me the tank! So I took it!  A 10 gallon tank with a heating pad. Sounded like all I would need. I so soooooo wrong!