Turtes get a home and a name

Even though we have 3 dogs (Ringo, Princess and Lucky) we decided to keep the turtles. So if we were going to keep them we needed to name them. One of the turtle really does have red ears, that is Gus. The other is Pricilla. Gus is very outgoing and Pricilla is very shy!

That first day I met my brother and got his 10 gallon hermit crab tank and decided to set it up.   With a little googling I realized that these turtles needed a lot of water but they also needed a place to bask!  They needed UVA AND UVB light which meant 2 separate bulbs and they needed heat. Holy cow!  They are also like fish so they need a filter. So off to the pet store I went again.  After buying about $75 worth of supplies I headed home. At this point Gus and Pricilla were each about 1 inch long, very very small!  I filled up the tank and built a platform out of rocks for them I set up the filter and the lamps and dropped them in. They were in HEAVEN!

Second Home

They swam around and laid in the sun. It all seemed perfect for about 4 days. Then….. the water turned yellow and cloudy.  I drained it out and filled it up again. Then after about 3 days same thing. So back to google!  The tank was too small!  You need 10 gallons for each inch of turtle. I had 2 inches of turtle and only 10 gallons of water!  Uggh!  So I set out to get them a larger home!  Back to the pet store I went!