We all settle in……

The new home worked well. The turtles were happy! They water was clear. I could do a 1/4 tank change every weekend and a full tank change one a month or so.  The turtles got really friendly! Then they started to beg!  Every morning at breakfast time they scratch the glass until I feed them!  So feed them I did, until I read that you can over feed them! I think I was. They started to get a bumpy shell so I back down on the food and got them several different kinds. I even gave them cichlid pellets -which they love!  So what do you think happy turtles do? They GROW!  So Gus and Pricilla are really really happy! They are now about 4 inches each.  I have had them for about 6 months and they are getting big and strong. So now think back to how much room a turtle needs, 10 gallons for every inch. I now how about 8 inches of turtles and only 30 gallons of water!  So it is happening again! The water is getting yellow much sooner. I am having to do 1/2 tank changes every week rather 1/4 tank and a full tank change every 3 weeks.  So back to the drawing board I went.

My nephew wanted me to get a custom tank like this from All Glass Cages. A square table top model with a built in tank for only $700 and I had to drive to pick it up! What a deal!  it looks cool but just way too much money! Gus and Pricilla do not have jobs!

So I kept Looking and they kept getting bigger!2013-06-21_11-31-41_258 2013-06-21_11-32-09_609