Putting it all together

So today was the big day!  I went to home depot yesterday to get the final supplies (hoping it would be the last trip -sadly that was not to be). This morning I got up early to being the project.

Step 1.  Put the platform together. Of course I thought this would be easy but it took 2 you tube videos and several attempts before it went-but it finally went together.

Basking platform

I have also added some tiles to keep it cool. I will show the final basking platform in the next post. Was also able to make a ramp and got to use a blow torch! That was not as much fun as I had hoped.

Step 2.  Assemble the filter part.  I used a set of stacking drawers from the container store.  They needed to be drilled and cut to fit.  All of the filter media was installed and the drawers were set up. This took another trip to home depot to get something to raise it up.

Filter parts


Here is what it looked like set up in the sump pump.

Filter setup


We then glued the pipes together and started filling! It was so exciting!  We will filled and filled and filled!


Filling it up

And then when it got to the top…. it LEAKED!  Uggh. So I pulled out some of the water and am now trying to seal it. The seal takes at least 24 hours to hold so the turtles cannot move in this weekend. So now I have to clean the old tank for them to give them a few more days….