In the home stretch!!!

So yesterday when I was getting ready for the setup for this weekend I moved the new turtle basking area and the ramp fell off!! Sheesh -can I get a break!  So back to home depot for more serious glue!  I did that this morning and it seems to be better!  I will let it sit over night to be sure. Would not want a turtle accident, there is no way we are going to the turtle emergency room!

After our road race this morning I can bake and took the plunge.  I filled her up and no more leaks!! Happy Dancing all over the room, me the dog and the turtles!  So I filled it up plugged in the heater and she is off and running!  The water is not clear. I have to get more clarifier.  I did put some of the coral in there I got from the guy I bought the tank from.  The water is now about 72 degrees too cold for Gus and Pricilla so I hope by later on tonight or in the morning it will be a bit warmer.

Here is the current basking platform and ramp setup:


Turtle Basking Platform


Here is the full loaded tank – full and not leaking but cloudy 😦


Full Cloudy Tank

I think we are in the home stretch!  I am off to petsmart to get some new furniture for the new turtle house!  Think of it as a house warming gift!